16th March 2024

3-2-1-GoCheck talks with Microsoft about using AI for background checking

3-2-1-GoCheck is Improving Background Checking! 

In a recent interview,Nurup Naimji - Senior Doer of 3-2-1-GoCheck discussed with Lee Stott from Microsoft, the impactful and innovative ways that 3-2-1-GoCheck is using Microsoft's AI stack to make background checking safer, more accurate, faster and with vastly improved candidate experiences.

3-2-1-GoCheck's use of Microsoft's AI solution is moving the checking process to a few clicks completed in minutes. Nurup suggested over the long run this will help clients have better customer and candidate experiences, improved operating margins and improved revenue generation. 

Harnessing AI with foundational layers: Data AND Regulation 

Deploying stand-alone AI solutions is extremely useful for showcasing AI capabilities.  Integrating AI solutions at the enterprise level however required companies like 3-2-1-GoCheck to have control over their data while being compliant with various levels of data and AI rules.

Having these two foundational layers (data and regulation) in place is key to 3-2-1-GoCheck delivering its impactful and innovative background checking solution.  At the heart of 3-2-1-GoCheck's “automated” checking solution is being AI compliant.  All checking decisions for example are completely auditable and traceable. 

AI: Challenges and Opportunities 

Implementing 3-2-1-GoCheck's AI strategy was extremely rewarding but equally challenging.  The rapid release of AI solutions contributed to defining then implementing the “tech”, operating and financial models a challenge.  

With our AI solution now in place we can process larger volume of data points noticeably quicker and with improved accuracy.   This helps us identify data inconsistencies involving dates, locations and images. Nurup spoke about how they are “stacking up data points” using  Azure's OpenAI services and GPT models to ultimately establish a candidate's credibility. This solution is helping us add more checking value for our clients.

Checking status for example can be done in seconds using a voice request rather than a lengthy email exchange process. AI also help us to identify inconsistencies in data.  This is done in seconds compared to hours required by checking teams.  Adopting Open AI's LLM and Microsoft's cognitive services within the Azure Cloud ecosystem, 3-2-1-GoCheck is able to deliver a background checking service that is both impactful and innovative. 

Automating background checking… 

3-2-1-GoCheck's AI solution is also used to automate the checking process.  With the right “context and dynamic prompts” we can arrive at checking conclusions with greater accuracy and speed. Over the coming months, 3-2-1-GoCheck will also be significantly improving the candidate experience. There are many instances where inputting data using a keyboard is not possible.  For those occasions, submitting data using voice is a natural option.  Background checking has been largely unchanged for over 20 years.  3-2-1-GoCheck continues to  execute on a vision where checking is done in seconds and making data portable.

3-2-1-GoCheck's integration of AI into the background checking process is the first important step towards modernising background checking.  Employers, landlords and their candidates can now derive the benefits of technology so onboarding is done is days rather then weeks.

The conversation between Nurup and Lee from Microsoft took place on Microsoft's Reactor AI Accelerate webinar.

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