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One Checking Platform Connecting All Parties

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Start your “trust but verify” background checking process with a comfortable registration process. Already have an account with us? Simply email us the candidate’s details and we will do the rest.






Centralise Your Checking Flow

3-2-1-GoCheck enables HR, risk, compliance, hiring managers, candidates, previous employers and other third parties to all be on the same platform. Make lengthy e-mail exchanges, phone calls and time consuming inquiries tedious tasks for everyone involved in the checking journey.


Save hours onboarding new candidates

Still managing heaps of emails and confidential documents in various locations? Our checking platform centralises your comms and sensitive documents which help to speed up candidate onboarding.


Reduce Background Checking Stress and Uncertainty

Our platform is all about making clients, candidates and third parties want to actually contribute to the checking process. Real time updates on the checking journey allows each party to contribute to the checking process in a timely manner.

Why 3-2-1-GoCheck


Great partners help us deliver better solutions quicker.

Our E.R.I.C. solution

85+ ways to Identity Risk, validate Identity, confirm Credibility, verify Experiences using our extras.

Easy to understand reports

Replacing the old ways with ease of use, transparent checking journey, quicker delivery of results and easy to understand report.

Serving a company of 1 or 1 million

Select a package, build your own or use our platform as your dedicated checking workflow tool.

Our Model

Smaller Sized Firms

Select only the checks you need. This option gives you maximum flexibility to build and reuse a checking package that’s right for your organisation.

Medium Sized Firms

Select from a list of pre-selected packages.

Larger Sized Firms

Use our platform as your dedicated workflow checking tool that can integrate into most HR systems. This is well suited for large organisations looking to have maximum control over their checking journey.

Built for companies that want the benefits of “tech”

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